Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dream Vacation Project

     My favorite part of the dream vacation project was exploring the features of your destination. I learned quite a few foreign words and cultural differences.
     My least favorite part of the dream vacation project was working with Windows Live Movie Maker. It was extremely frustrating because my voiceovers were never saved! Everything was glitchyand it was very tedious. I literally would do the entire project then click (SAVE PROJECT) and then the next day everything would be deleted!
     From this project I learned there is always another way around things. Basically don't waste all your time trying to do something that isn't working. Instead spend it searching for a different more sucessful way.
     I would probably try to be a little neater and more accurate when croping my photos. I feel it would have made my end result a bit more polished. I would also spend a bit more time on my movie, because it should have had music.
      I think I earned an A on this project because I never wasted a minute of class time and asked for only minimal teacher help. I also explored many ways to do things and never gave up.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zurich, Switzerland


         For my dream vacation I have chosen to go to Zurich, Switzerland. My first reason being Roger Federer lives there and I would love to meet him. Also I know that Switzerland is such a peaceful place. Everything I have heard about Switzerland consits of chocolate, cheese, watches, alpine skiing, and hiking. Just my kind of vacation! Along with that, the hotels are finaminal! Luxurious to be exact. The hotel I chose is called the Park Hyatt hotel. It got five stars! Here is a photo! 

Image of Park Hyatt Zurich, Zurich

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Struggles and Overcoming

                    My biggest struggle in 21st Century Tech was inserting a widget to my wiki. It was frustrating because I had to go through a whole process to see if it had fallen through. But time after time I would get more and more frustrated.

        To overcome this issue, I kept an open mind and tried things I wouldn't usually try. Including pressing buttons I wouldn't normally have used.

         This helped me as a learner, because it taught me that just because you were used to doing something one way, dosen't mean that way is the most eficient and or right way.